Retro-Casuality or the Allergy of Genghis Khan

A dystopian super hero tale that proposes an explanation for the mysterious death of Genghis Khan. My short story was published in Inaccurate Realities, a literary magazine for young adults and the young at heart. Read it in issue #4 and then read my companion blog post “Five interesting facts about Genghis Khan.”


Bastion Science Fiction Magazine


The short story Pancakes was inspired by my one act play of the same title. The short story was published in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine issue #6.




Pancakes - photo by PT Sullivan


(From the world debut of my play “Pancakes” at The Players’ Ring Theatre, Photo by P.T. Sullivan)

An Evening of Grand Guignol: Theatre of Terror (John Herman)

Crime in a Madhouse

My theatrical adaptation of Andre de Lorde’s classic Grand Guignol play, Un Crime Dans une Maison de Fous (1925), debuted at The Players’ Ring Theatre during the Late Night Summer Series, An Evening of Grand Guignol. For more information, read this.




The 24 Hour Novel Project was my featured work at the inaugural NewMediator Art Show at Nighthawk Books in Highland Park, New Jersey. Viewers around the world watched via the web as a novel was composed by 23 writers (including me) and an illustrator in real-time.  The collaboration culminated in a free Creative Commons licensed e-book available for download here.




A one act play where in a man has the opportunity to say a few final words to his estranged father through the poignant magic of a mechanical host. Debuted at The Players’ Ring Theater with a follow up performance at the Steampunk Revolution Convention. Also performed at The Factory Theatre of Boston by Counter Productions.

The one act play was completed under the tutelage of Academy Award winning writer/director Ernest Thompson, author of On Golden Pond, at his farm in New Hampton, NH. (Ernest Thompson and John Herman, Photo by P.T. Sullivan)

“Notable for the subtlety and restraint of its writing…” -Megan Grumbling, The Portland Pheonix.

“…the collection’s most intriguing, fully realized play… a smart balance of humor, irony, angst and pathos…” -Jeanné McCartin, The Portsmouth Herald.

“Pancakes means so much to me because it is the type of science or speculative fiction that I long to write myself, and that I crave whenever I sit down to take in a geeky story. Beneath the fantastic premise is a very human core. Ultimately, none of the crazy ideas we come up with as storytellers really amount to much if there isn’t something relate-able at the center.” -E. Christopher Clark, author of All He Left Behind.



The Old Man and the Whale, comic strip (by mrjohnherman)

author, illustrator – The Old Man and The Whale

“The Old Man and the Whale” traces the life of an aging fisherman, the loss of his wife, and his relationship with the sea.

news reporter – Pitchfork

If Wikipedia can be trusted, then Pitchfork’s opinions have gained some cultural currency in recent years; some in the mainstream media view the site as a barometer of the indie music scene. The publication has grown to reach 150,000 readers per day, and more than 1,300,000 unique visitors per month, making it the most popular independent-focused music publication online. During my tenure, I interviewed everyone from sound loop artist William Basinki to Swedish pop star Jens Lekman. Some of my favorite bands came out of my time with the Fork, including The Arcade Fire and Animal Collective. I also received an acknowledgement in Kim Cooper’s book on “In the Aeroplane over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel. I wrote four articles a week.

department writer – Splendid Magazine

I wrote a couple pieces for the late great Splendid including an argument that Aphex Twin’s “Selected Ambient Works Volume 2” should be an essential album… because, frankly, it should be.

contributor – The Wire

I have written a few stories for The Wire including an interview with author James Patrick Kelly about his Nebula award winning novella, Burn. Another piece was a reflection on my comedy appearances in Japan.
“You are Here: New obstacles to literacy in a social-media dependent world

contributor – AREA 603

AREA 603 was a group blog run by a variety of well-known NH writers, editors, personalities, pundits and other rabble-rousers. Area 603 offered opinions, artistry, events, streams of consciousness, non-sequiters, revelations, reviews and rants, all served up on a granite platter.

Here are more comic strips:

The Old Man and the Whale, comic strip (by mrjohnherman)

The Old Man and the Whale, comic strip (by mrjohnherman)

The Old Man and the Whale, comic strip (by mrjohnherman)

The Old Man and the Whale, comic strip (by mrjohnherman)

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