Who I am

John Herman at New Hampshire Writers DayI am an artist, writer, media maker, and teacher with a strong interest in collaborative work. This website serves as a record of my artistic endeavors as well as an online resume for those inquiring about collaboration. In addition to my creative pursuits, I work with individuals, organizations, and businesses in a variety of consultancy and contract work. I also serve on a variety of arts and community development nonprofit boards. Have a project you think I might be interested? Let me know.

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I have always enjoyed creating things and telling stories.  The first movie I scripted and shot was called John’s Adventure in Time. I was 12. My grandmother played a school teacher named Mrs. Pickle-relishy. My grandfather played Davy Crocket. My brother, Justin, played a boy from the future. In high school, I collaborated with a talented friend on the film, Ed Before He Became an Artichoke, that followed the perspective of a man about to jump from the ledge of a skyscraper. During the course of the 3 minute animated short, the man projects himself into the lives of an old couple he sees through the window. We were given a National Gold Award in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. “Ed” was screened in Boston, New York, and Washington D.C.

tvandradioIn college,  I dabbled in a variety of broadcast media. I worked in the production department of our local PBS affiliate for a little over four years, culminating in on-camera opportunities such as the pledge drives and live auctions. For one season, I co-hosted the longest running quiz show on public television, Granite State Challenge. I also deejayed at WUNH 91.3 in the middle of the night. I would hold on-air contests with bizarre prizes. People actually called in at 3 AM to win cans of octopus in garlic sauce.

John shooting a vegetable monsterAfter college, I shot several documentary films focusing on the lives of inspiring artists, before ultimately turning to the Internet. I got into web video production, starting with a 47 episode show called The Eye followed by an interactive web soap opera called Gravityland. Eventually I was producing robot theatre, puppet shows, improv comedy, ebook anthologies, music albums, and much more. I was also getting attention from the social media arms of diverse companies like Google and the Ford Motor Company.

Nowadays I do a lot of speaking John Herman's familyengagements. I also lead trainings on topics spanning the intersection of technology and community, inbound marketing, and the arts. Clients include nonprofits, medical clinics, publishing houses, and print media corporations.

My primary creative focus is writing. I am a writer. Currently I am cranking out short stories and looking to place my novels with the right literary agent. This past year, as president of the NH Writers’ Project Board of Trustees, I petitioned the governor to establish NH Writers’ Week and oversaw its statewide happenings, and I oversaw the introduction of the NH Literary Hall of Fame. Monthly I host NH Media Makers, a meet-up for creative folks looking inspiration and collaboration. All the while I am raising a family with my wonderful wife, and I teach high school English. It’s all pretty great.


“I’m too serious to be a dilettante and too much a dabbler to be a professional.” La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini