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  Over the years I dabbled in a variety of broadcast media, probably most notably as a game show host. When I was in college, I deejayed at WUNH 91.3 in the middle of the night. I would hold on-air contests with prizes like a can of octopus in garlic sauce. People actually called in at 3 AM to win my bizarre prizes.  


host "Energy Smackdown " - The Brainshift Foundation, TV3, National Grid
  As host of the first season of the Energy Smackdown, I challenged three families to conserve energy for five months. The show is an innovative community outreach program to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The program challenges and supports participating individuals, households, and organizations to reduce their own energy consumption as well as the energy consumption of others in their community. In doing so, participants engage the public on the critical issue of climate change and what citizens can to do to reduce carbon emissions. Season Two involves over fifty families in competing cities. Maria Ciampa joins me as co-host.  
media consultant and collaborator "Our Primary" - NH Public Radio
  Collaborating with NH Public Radio on an initiative to bring user-generated content to their coverage of the Presidential Primary. The collaboration involves social media networking, video and audio podcasting, and stump speech remixing.  
writer, actor, co-director "Longbelly" - Deli Electric Productions
  I want to be clear that this project is the brainchild of one of my favorite longtime artistic collaborators, Ryan Baker (of Robot Monkey Arm). I fleshed out Ryan's epic story of intergalactic space cows into a 12 episode (4 1/2 hour) radio drama script. Together we recorded the play with a twenty two member cast. The project has been years in the making and will be completed... someday, hopefully.  
actor "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" - New Hampshire Radio Theater
  During my television days, I was cast in this production by the New Hampshire Radio Theatre. The cast was made up of radio and television broadcasters from different stations through out the Granite State. Basically it was an "All-star Team" created to perform old-fashioned style radio performances. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was broadcast on nine stations around Halloween. It was recorded in front of a live audience. I played multiple characters -wearing a woman's wig for at least one of them.  
co-host "Granite State Challenge" - NHPTV
  For one season, I co-hosted the longest running quiz show on public television. During this time, an unusually high number of elderly women stopped me in line at the grocery store to tell me that they were fans of mine. I was basically the program announcer and contestant interviewer. The season culminated into a live broadcast Super Challenge.  
floor director, camera operator "NH Outlook" - NHPTV
  NH Outlook is dedicated to statewide coverage of the people, places, politics, communities and culture that make the Granite State unique. As floor director, I was able to rub shoulders with all sorts of NH notables. I even did the governor's make up.  
floor director "2000 Republican Presidential Debates" - NHPTV
  This was one of the more interesting events I worked for during my time at NHPTV. I shook hands with Steve Forbes, and I showed Alan Keyes to the bathroom several times. I had to signal to Cokie Roberts (who at the time was the co-anchor of the ABC News' Sunday morning broadcast) when someone's time was up. I seem to remember that the only Republican candidate who was unable to attend the debate was George W. Bush.  
on-air personality "Pledge Drives, TV Auction" - NHPTV
  The pledge drives and live auctions are really the bread and butter of talent work for a PBS affiliate. I enjoyed every minute of my time with NHPTV. I remember there being llamas in the studio at one point. Those were the good old days.  

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