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  When I was a freshman in college, I saw a poster with a smiley face superimposed over the head of someone exiting a shower. The sign said AUDITIONS in bold lettering, though there was no description of what the auditions were for. There was only a time and location. The poster led me to be cast in my first improv group. That was 1996. This is now.  

Teaching improv to young people in North Hampton, NH

Thomas in Wonkyland, The Tribe Theater

Performing for the Summer in the Street series in Portsmouth, NH

Suited up for Pacsmouth

board of directors (current), producer (past) - Boston Neutrino

The Neutrino Video Project was started in NYC by a daring troupe of improvisational theater performers. With three cameras and a large technical crew, Neutrino takes to the streets to shoot, edit, score, and mix a completely improvised movie in the time it takes for you to watch it. Spontaneous, beautiful, and hilarious, this "theatrical movie experience" is the first of its kind. The show has been heralded in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. where it is performed under the Neutrino name by different groups.

producer (current), artistic director (past), actor - Stranger Than Fiction

Dedicated to spreading the art of improvisational theater to New Hampshire, Stranger Than Fiction has performed across the state. In addition to our regular schedule, the cast has appeared in coordination with Destination Imagination, Rivier College's Challenge Program, and numerous benefit shows. The cast helped raise $13,000 for the Manchester Rotary Club. We have also appeared on NHPR's The Front Porch. In 2006, the cast was awarded a Best of NH Award by New Hampshire Magazine. Also I appeared with the cast at the UMASS Comedy Jam in 2006 and 2007.

co-founder, instructor - CAMPROV: The Northeast Improv Retreat and Festival
  Camprov provides a full weekend of quality workshops, innovative performances, campfire storytelling, a lobster bake, a canoe race, an archery contest, and much more. The annual August event attracts improv performers from across the country. Guest instructors have included Armando Diaz, Asaf Ronen, Joe Bill, Michelle Barbera, Neraj Tuli, Will Luera, Don Schuerman, Eric Davis, and Chris "Buj" Bujold. I serve as a festival organizer, and I teach classes.  
mainstage director - The Tribe
  In the fall of 2005, The Tribe was voted "Boston's Best Comedy Club," "Best Theater Company," "Best Place to Meet People," and "Boston's Best Kept Secret," by the Boston Phoenix. It was a great organization filled with talented people. I directed The Tribe's mainstage, The Tribe Players. In addition to the weekly performances, I also directed the troupe for corporate and educational appearances. The cast and crew were wonderful.  
runner - Pacsmouth

Best summed up by this article excerpt: "The local improv theater and comedy group Stranger Than Fiction lived up to its name Saturday when it transformed the city into a life-sized Pacman game - power pellets, ghosts and all. For more than three hours, eight men wearing either bright-colored ponchos or a round Pacman suit, depending on which role they were playing at the time, chased each other through the streets of Portsmouth. All in the name of fun." That was year one. Now Pacsmouth has grown into a tradition.

actor, producer "Thomas in Wonkyland" - The Tribe/Stranger Than Fiction
  An innovative genre-bending interactive comedy show, Thomas in Wonkyland boasted a cast of puppets, comic video pieces, and musical numbers from some of the greater Boston area's finest improv actors -directed by Calvin Swaim. I created the show as an extention of my fascination with puppets. My parents still credit Sesame Street with teaching me how to read. While it was a fun comedy show, I really enjoyed the deeper dichotomy posed: a man-boy desperately trying to mature while trapped in a children's fantasy world and a blue fuzzy puppet trapped in the real world searching for the true friendship he's only known in fantasy. I would love to explore these characters further someday.  
actor "Improvmosis," "Dooprov," "Sister Brother," and "The Rumble" director "Villalobos" - The Tribe
  Over the years, I have performed with several troupes in association with The Tribe, starting with one of the first teams, Improvmosis. This musical improv group was directed by Doug Applewhite and performed at the Del Close Marathon in NYC. Dooprov was a mystery-based longform troupe created by Mike Morrell. The Rumble is a great format directed by Tim Paul. It exists to this day as a Tribe member team. Sister Brother was a wonderful cast that I stepped from in order to direct Villalobos. Many of the performers of these troupes have gone on to performing in other troupe with The Tribe, ImprovBoston, or Improv Asylum.  
actor "Godspell," - Upstairs/Downstairs Theater, "The Masochist's Guide to Love" - Mask and Dagger,
  On occasion I have been known to appear in shows that have actual scripts. I chose these two shows because one is known and one is unknown. Lindsay Joy wrote "Masochist's." She is a great writer. I have enjoyed acting in many productions in the past. I have also directed Shakespeare, Chekhov, and an adaptation of the works of Lewis Carrol.  
director, actor "CIA: Community Improv Actors"
  CIA was like the pick up softball of improv theater. Every weekend for several summers, improvisors met in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH. We performed for tourists and small children whose babysitters thought we were the best free entertainment around. I remember there being a lot of scenes with talking animals and castles.  
actor "The Little Red Wagon/Caravan Show"
  For ninety three performances, I performed with the longest running nonprofit, children’s theatre tour in the U.S. Starting in 1971, The Little Red Wagon was instrumental to the introduction of Theatre Education into the public school system as a supportive tool for reading and learning. I sang. I danced. I hung out with puppets in a giant red van. I even signed a bunch of autographs. It was a fantastic time.  
children's theater director - Mill Pond Center for the Arts
  I designed and taught four 10-week classes in pantomime, voice, and creative improvisation for young actors.  
lecturer, discussion mediator "Applying Improv Philosophy to Your Daily Life" - Project SEARCH
  I spoke while improv actors provided the audience with examples of the improv philosophies in action. Project SEARCH, the University of New Hampshire's seminars for advanced high school students. The program is designed to provide an on-campus, intelllectually challenging experience for academically motivated seniors. Since its inception in 1983, over 1200 students have paticipated in the seminars.  
actor - Darwin's Waiting Room
  This experimental long form improv troupe lasted a couple of years under the direction of Eric Doucette, Andrew Fling, and later Dannagal Goldthwaite.  
writer, "Briefing for a Descent into Hell"
  This one act play was commisioned by director Jess Krakow and performed for a college audience. I have written a few one act plays (never anything full length), but I do not seek production for them. I put this up to encourage myself to do something with some of the plays that are collecting dust. "Briefing" borrowed its title from the book of the same name by Doris Lessing. The content of the play does not resemble the content of the book -but it's a great title, isn't it? I certainly thought so at the time. Creepy.  
director, actor "Theatresports"
  This is where my love affair with improvisational theatre began. I believe the largest audience we performed for was 3,000 people (it was one half of a football stadium). Our shows were generated from a list of about thirty short form games. I performed at least one or twice a week for over four years, and I came out with the confidence and experience to perform and direct. Those were wild times.  

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