Send JOHN HERMAN to Space

I was chosen to be one of the 20 finalists (from thousands) to move into the public voting phase of the nationwide Space Race 2012 contest, and I need help.

LISTEN: John Herman talking SpaceRace 2012 on All Things Considered.

The Space Needle is partnering with commercial spaceflight company Space Adventures to make the actual spaceflight possible. Space Adventures has already sent seven people to space on privately funded trips, and it’s developing vessels to be sent into orbit in this contest. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon, has thrown his support behind the contest, saying, “This new space race is important to our country in as much the same way as the one that I was a part of 50 years ago,” he said. “Today we’re embarking on a journey that will carry hundreds of thousands of people like you and me into space.”

My video has gone live on the Seattle Space Needle’s Facebook page and voting has begun. I ask you to please take a moment and vote… daily? I know. It is a lot to ask. I will be doing friendly reminders via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Viewers are allowed to vote a maximum of once per day through March 18th. After public voting has ended, the five finalists that receive the most votes will be invited to compete in challenges in Seattle. The grand prize winner will win a trip to space. For real.

I appreciate all you can do to help. Here’s the direct link to vote:

Fun fact: The March 18th end of public voting is halfway through the run of charity plays I am producing (See: and it is the very the day I shave my head to raise money for children’s cancer research grants. Here’s a link to that as well:

Awesome button (at top of post) by (equally awesome) artist Matt Talbot.



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  • Nick Plante

    How do you know this isn’t my diabolical super-villain-esque plan to rid the world of you? Clever, clever marketing, eh?

  • Leslie Poston

    You’re such a good friend I let this app connect to my FB account to vote for you. Now that’s saying something. 😉

  • Jim Kelly

    I voted for John and you should too. Early and often!

    Although if I used this as the plot of a science fiction story, even I couldn’t get it published.

  • Brady

    How long do you think it’ll take John to set up “Outer Space Media Makers” once he’s up there?

  • Millie

    Hi John,

    I voted for you and posted on my facebook….

    This would be an amazing experience…Something out of this world…
    Good luck..

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