An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre

A couple argues in a bomb shelter over a dog puzzle. A man gets an unexpected visit from Intergalactic Salvage. CERN scientists experience the romance of multi-verses. “An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre” debuts nine original short plays including new works by Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author James Patrick Kelly and best selling author of The Great Typo Hunt, Jeff Deck. The show runs at The Players’ Ring Theater March 9th through the 25th. Purchase tickets online at and let us know you are coming on our Facebook event page!

(poster by Jeremy Couturier)

Directors and actors are donating their time in an effort to raise money for the Cocheco Valley Humane Society, Jaden’s Ladder, which assists survivors of domestic violence, and the Millspace Project, which is building a civic center for arts, culture, and history in the renovated mills of Newmarket, NH. This is an opportunity to enjoy dynamic theater while also making a difference. I will also shave my head halfway through the show’s run to raise money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-driven charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except for the U.S. government. Donate to my St. Baldrick’s Foundation page here.

(Producer John Herman –before shaving his head)

I received forty-five play submissions after an open call for writers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. “Love Song for the Doomed & Other Stories: An Apocalyptic Theatre Anthology” will be released digitally for free under a Creative Commons license at midnight on Friday, March 9th, 2012. The anthology will feature the 45 original plays –as well as illustrations and a companion music album.

The plays presented for the stage run include:

“Love Song for the Doomed” by Matt Gold — directed by Chuck Galle
“Bad Dogs” by James Patrick Kelly — directed by E. Christopher Clark
“Dead Birds” by Jeff Deck – directed by Kathleen Cavalaro
“Collider” by Cullen T. M. McGough — directed by Tara Sullivan
“So Long: a tribute” by Jackie Benson — directed by Kathleen Cavalaro
“As Evidence” by Jefferson Navicky — directed by David Mauriello
“Our Happy Little Hole in the Ground” by Rob Hack — directed by John Herman
“Apocalypse Anonymous” by E. Christopher Clark — directed by Jaqueline Martell
“Hardscrabble” by Brandon “Our Hero” Gretter – directed by Michael Ficara III

(poster by Matt Talbot)

PREVIOUSLY: Last year’s production raised $3000 dollars for charities including A Safe Place, 20/20 VisionQuest, and the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance. See An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre. Check back on March 9th for links to companion music, illustrations, and all the submitted plays. And I hope you can come out and support the show!

ALSO: Check out some promo photos from the upcoming production… (more soon!)

(Jasmin Hunter and Lisa Griffin in “Collider” by Cullen McGough. Directed by Tara Sullivan. Photo by PT Sullivan.)

(Jon Cilley and Jacqui Baker in “Our Happy Little Hole in the Ground” by Rob Hack. Directed by John Herman. Photo by John Herman/Jon Cilley.)




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  • Jack Elliott

    Producer at our local theater here in Bend, Oregon, says your play sounds cool but “[…] the trick is getting scripts for those kinds of shows!”

    You got anything she can look at?

  • Fred Greenhalgh

    Hmm… apocalypse-ism must be in the air. On March 9 we mark the launch of my audio theater epic which has the downfall of our current civilization at its center, the show is called The Cleansed and will be podcast at:

    Look forward to coming out to this show and seeing what other gruesome ends NH has envisioned!

    – Fred

    FinalRune Productions, Alfred, ME

  • Milly Roberts

    wow this sounds like it would have been fantastic! I’m a student of theatre studies and next semester we get to direct a 15 minute piece of theatre, I’ve been desperately looking for a piece! where can I find the scripts? it mentioned somewhere that you would release them?

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