CALL FOR WRITERS: Apocalyptic Theatre

It’s the end of the world and I feel fine. I’m looking for original 10-minute APOCALYPTIC one-act plays. All submitted plays will be published on the Web as a Creative Commons licensed apocalyptic short play anthology that will include an original album of music and collection of visual art inspired by the plays. Select plays will be produced on stage at The Players’ Ring Theater of Portsmouth, NH, March 9th through March 25th 2012 with proceeds going to charity.

Last year’s similar production generated 17 new plays, 8 original songs, and 8 illustrations. The nine play stage show: An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre raised $3000 dollars for charities including A Safe Place, 20/20 VisionQuest, and the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance. The production also garnered national attention with coverage in over 100 individual arts and culture blogs.


Sign up by dropping a comment below.


All plays will be submitted to me digitally: john.c.herman“at” with the subject heading: APOCALYPTIC PLAY SUBMISSION. The final due date for play submissions is October 31st, 2011 at midnight. See what I did there? The roster of plays to be staged will be announced December 15th. At that time, they will be fast tracked into production. The remaining plays will be distributed to visual and music artists for the creation of complimentary works.


“Apocalyptic” sounds pretty dark, but I encourage you to explore any aspect of it that you wish. I hope to receive comedies, romances, and maybe even a musical. Check out the following link for inspiration: Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction


In late September, I will host a gathering for playwrights who want to workshop their submissions. The physical gathering will take place in New Hampshire, but there will also be a live web video chat workshop occurring at the same time for playwrights outside of New England. In order to be notified of the exact date, time and location, you must sign up by submitting a comment below.

Next: Sign up. Write a play. Spread the word!



  • Jordan Mechano

    I’d like to sign up. Do you want an email with any specific info?

  • Jeremy Couturier

    APOCALYPTIC one-act plays? You pretty much know I’m hard wired for this stuff. My pen and inkwell is at your service.

  • Mike Kimball

    Sounds like a great reason to come out of my coma. I just submitted a new play. No zombies. Thanks!

  • Kyle Hamlin

    can we only submit one play, or can it be like two or three plays?

  • giania

    I will write a bunch of stuff and it might be a play when I’m done. Or it will be something I can make into something else.

  • Jonathan Ratcliffe

    John! It’s Jon Ratcliffe. I go to the writers club at the Common Man quite frequently. I’m not sure how to describe myself if you don’t remember me by name but I’m the only 24 year old who shows up there, I think. I write plays, short stories, novels, novellas- yeah- that one! That one you are picturing right now. That’s me! Anyway, we talked about this contest and I finished my play. How do I submit?

  • Jonathan Ratcliffe

    Oh, your email address is right there. How did I miss it? Submitting…

  • Lisa Grove

    Is it too late to sign up? I’d love to be part of the live web video chat workshop!

  • Michael Tooher

    Just heard about this project. Looks like fun. Now I have a place to send this weird little piece. Excellent.

  • Buj

    It is now December 19th, and no announcement has been made about which plays are to be produced. Above, you say December 15th. You’re a liar. But I still like you.

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