An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre

Agents of Queen Victoria search for a secret weapon on the outer reaches of space. A disgruntled robot gets family counseling. A mad scientist aims to destroy the world with the help of a cyber-head and time traveling brothers… “An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre” debuts nine original short plays at The Players’ Ring Theater of Portsmouth September 24th through October 10th. The show starts at 8pm Fridays and Saturdays, 7pm Sunday Sept 26th and Oct 3rd, and 2pm on Sunday, Oct 10th. To reserve tickets, call (603) 436-8123 or purchase tickets online at Add yourself to the Facebook event page too!

(poster by Matt Talbot)

Local artist and writer John Herman produced the evening, collecting a diverse roster of writers, actors, directors, musicians, and more to bring the shows to life for charity. The directors include Chuck Galle, Emily Briand, Justin Scarelli, Chris Clark, and Tara McDonough. Proceeds earned by the show will be distributed to three charities including New Hampshire Association of the Blind’s 2020 VisionQuest.

The evening includes live music performances by experimental electronic duo The Attic Bits (see them the night before opening night when they play with The Books). Check out the press about The Attic Bits new album, Dance of the Dragon.

The evening also features elaborate steampunk and robot props by Sean O’Connell. Watch the props as they are made on his production blog. In addition to the theater experience, audience members will be given a web address where they can download original music, comic book art, and eight more original plays published as a Creative Commons licensed steampunk and robot anthology.

Reserve your tickets early! Hey look, we are on BoingBoing (one of the most read blogs on planet Earth):

"An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre"

Listed below are:

* Plays that will be released online at midnight September 23rd with original music and visual art created by The Attic Bits, Brian Spielvogel, Matt Talbot, robotmonkeyarm, David Chevalier, Sean Hurley, Joseph K. Murphy, Jon Briggs, Phil Kliger, Natasha Duchene, Stephen Bobbet, and Jeremy Couturier.

+ Plays that will be released online at midnight September 23rd as well as staged at The Players Ring Theater in Portsmouth, NH, September 24th through October 10th, 8pm Fridays and Saturdays, 7pm Sunday Sept 26th and Oct 3rd, 2pm on Sunday Oct 10th, directed by Tara McDonough, Emily Briand, Chuck Galle, John Herman, E. Christopher Clark, and Justin Scarelli –with robots and other props made by Sean O’Connell and live music directed by The Attic Bits.

Camping by Judi Currie *
Dead Ringer by David Mariello +
Fabrication by Bob Holt *
G.E. Rock and the Telectroscopic Transmission by Phil Kliger +
Oly 33 Motive by Brian Spielvogel *
Pancakes by John Herman +
Progress by Sean Myers *
Ro-Bro by Jon Frazier +
Seven Sisters by Margaret McAleese +
The Smokers by Leslie Poston – Adapted by Leslie Poston and E. Christopher Clark *
Unplugged by Jessa Rowan +
Untitled #1 by The Attic Bits *
Updates by R. Tompkins and Brandon “Our Hero” Gretter +
Victory by Jacquelyn Benson +
War is Coming by E. Christopher Clark +
With Apologies to Doktor Nietzsche by Chuck Galle *
Zylphia by Chris Bujold *



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    …Waiting for the online release of those plays and art and media…

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