Let’s make a difference: right now.

Lulu, my cat (by mrjohnherman)
(photo: Lulu, my cat)

The NHSPCA (NH Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a non-profit organization that receives no federal or state funding. They depend solely on community support to care for the 4000 animals that are surrendered to them on a yearly basis. Just this week I visited the NHSPCA and saw the many animals (sheep, horses, cats, bunnies, etc.) that are being cared for. For the next few weeks, I am volunteering my time to drive the Ford Fiesta around the state collecting donations. That’s right. If you want to donate kitten milk replacer, dog food, and cat litter, then I will come to you. Let’s make a difference: right now.


1. Look at the NHSPCA wish list, purchase items, and contact me for pick up. Every item makes a difference. Want to go a step further? Spread the word. Collect items from friends, family, and co-workers over a few days. I’ll come and pick everything up.

2. Consider donating a special item or service (average value: $300+) for the NHSPCA’s annual silent auction to be held October 16th. Ask me how.

3. This Monday, August 17th, I will be in downtown Peterborough, NH at Club Cannon from 9am to 11am. Stop by and make your donation.

4. This Tuesday, August 18th, I will be performing improv comedy at The Players Ring of Portsmouth at 8 PM. Stop by. Drop off your donation in the theater lobby.

5. This Wednesday, August 19th, I’ll be in downtown Newmarket, NH, this from 5 PM to 7 PM. Stop by and make your donation. I’ll be beside the bright green one-of-a-kind-in-NH Ford Fiesta.

Ready to donate? Email me at john.c.herman “at” Tell me where you are, and I will come and get your donations. It’s that simple. I plan on driving everything over to the NHSPCA by the end of the month, so act soon! I’ve been seeing their urgent requests for items, and I really want make a difference.


If you want to be in a video, then you will have the opportunity. I have a lot of people asking me if they can be in one of these monthly videos. Now is your chance. While I drive around, I will be making a video that will be distributed on Youtube and the Fiesta Movement site.


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  • Leslie Poston

    I’ll donate a signed copy of our book (Twitter for Dummies) and a 3 hour individual one-on-one social media boot camp session for the person who wants to get up to speed quickly for their own freelance or non profit business.

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