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I am passionate about ART, MEDIA, and STORYTELLING. I create community through creative collaboration.

  • Coming of Age

    The story of two people and how the milestones of their lives revolved around a river won the 2012 NH 48 Hour Film Project Best Film Award, Best Directing Award, and Audience Favorite Award. Watch my film right now on Youtube.

  • Pancakes

    The short story Pancakes was inspired by my one act play of the same title. The short story was published in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine issue #6.

  • Retro-Casuality or the Allergy of Genghis Khan

    A dystopian super hero tale that proposes an explanation for the mysterious death of Genghis Khan. My short story was published in Inaccurate Realities, a literary magazine for young adults and the young at heart. Read it in issue #4 and then read my companion blog post “Five interesting facts about Genghis Khan.”

  • An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre

      I produced the evening, collecting a diverse roster of writers, actors, directors, musicians, and more to bring nine shows to life for charity. The performances included live music performances by experimental electronic duo The Attic Bits and elaborate steampunk and robot props by Sean O’Connell. In addition to the theater experience, audience members were […]

  • Curse of the Pyramid

    Emrys, age 5, and I are working on a low literacy, high strategy co-operative table top game inspired by Ancient Egypt. We have play tested it with players of all ages and literacy skills. The game has also been play tested with students with special needs. Everyone loves it!

  • Edgar Allen Bingoe

    Edgar Allen Bingoe is a long form improv comedy show I created and directed that invites the audience to experience a never-before-seen Poe work that is created in front of them through an interactive stage show involving improv actors and a game of bingo.

  • Stranger Than Fiction

    Established in the spring of 2004, Stranger Than Fiction is the premiere improvisational comedy troupe in the Granite State. I came up with the name after reading a lot of G.K. Chesterton, who once said, “Truth, of course, must of necessity be stranger than fiction, for we have made fiction to suit ourselves.”

  • Wheel of Austen - directed by John Herman

    Wheel of Austen

  • The Toll

    I co-starred in the 3D computer animated short “The Toll” produced by Hatchling Studios. In the mockumentary, a film student named Harvey Stevens slowly reveals the life, work, and love of a wonderfully animated, hilariously tragic bridge troll. “The Toll” was featured in the cover story for the February issue of Post Magazine. It debuted […]

  • Send John Herman to Space

    I was 4th place out of 50,000 applicants to go into sub-orbit  around Earth in association with the Space Race 2012 initiative. I trained for three months before being eliminated in a hundred mile an hour wind tunnel. I did get to hangout with Buzz Aldrin though.

  • John Herman at TEDx


    I have participated in the TEDx movement in several ways. My talk “Arts Co-Innovation through Social Media” was featured at TEDx Amoskeag Millyard. I then went on to host TEDx Piscataqua River which also featured a performance by my app band, Giants of the Wood.

  • 24 Hour Novel Project

    The 24 Hour Novel Project

    The 24 Hour Novel Project was my featured work at the inaugural NewMediator Art Show at Nighthawk Books in Highland Park, New Jersey. Viewers around the world watched via the web as a novel was composed by 23 writers (including me) and an illustrator in real-time.The completed novel was titled Overfly.

  • Spotlight on the Arts Awards

    I have hosted the Spotlight on the Arts Awards at the Music Hall in Portsmouth (twice!). The Spotlight Awards are the Seacoast’s Grammys, Tonys, Museum of Fine Art and Top Chef all rolled into one exciting evening. Local actors and musicians perform. Winners in local theater, visual arts, music and local restaurants accept their accolades.

  • Team Hannah

    A 6-minute short documentary produced entirely by teens from the Creating Positive Change Coalition in Peterborough under my guidance and training in association with Media Power Youth. Screened at the NH Film Festival and the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival.

  • Odd Noggin Land

    Odd Noggin Land was a surreal musical web TV show following the adventures of three friends who just so happen to have gigantic food items for heads.

  • ImproTokyo Festival

    In 2008, I joined four other comedians for an appearance at a comedy festival in Tokyo, Japan. I taught a long form improv class at ImprovTokyo through a translator, ate pizza with fish on it, and acquired a strong taste for sushi.

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  • “…Internet impresario…” from Eppology by Matt Kanner, The Wire

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  • “A charging ball of energy, and oddly enough an effective one. He’s a comedian, cartoonist, filmmaker, music producer, teacher, show host, director, voice performer, writer and a few other assorted things — often more than one at a time…” from Non-stop Art: John Herman is one wild and crazy guy by Jeanne McCartin, The Portsmouth Herald

  • “A renaissance media-maker of many talents…” from An Interview With John Herman, NewTeeVee

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